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The only way to truly change a person is by killing or maiming them, so stop.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

FAQ Feel*ngs

     General Info:

* Can I contact Dr. Bennett via this site to make an appointment for a session? Can I make an appointment any other way?
Due to Massachusetts’ strict medical licensing laws, Dr. Bennett cannot accept appointment requests via this website (from email, the submission form, etc.). Dr. Bennett can only accept patients that live in Massachusetts, get a referral from their regular physician, and have insurance that includes Dr. Bennett in their network. As such, any requests for treatment submitted to Dr. Bennett via this website will be deleted immediately.

* Since I can’t see Dr. Bennett, how can I find another shrink?
We recommend contacting your insurance company to find a therapist near you. If you do not have insurance, look online for your local community mental health center or nearby university that gives graduate degrees in counseling, psychology, social work, etc., because you can probably find therapy at those places on a sliding-scale. We also have a chapter in our book on how to select the right therapist to best meet your needs, and of course, we wish you the best of luck.

* Do you provide advice about treatment for mental illness?
While this advice comes from an M.D., it is practical life advice, not medical advice. If you want specific advice about the treatment of mental illness such as depression or anxiety, please consult a psychiatrist who can take the time (about an hour) to do a complete evaluation.

* Are you being flippant about mental illness?
If there is humor about illness, mental or otherwise, it is intended to help people bear it, not ridicule one who has it. This advice comes from an M.D. who knows, in his bones, how little control people have over illness and how much effort and courage it takes to live life in spite of it.

* Does F*ck Feelings, the site or the book, support any specific political agenda?
As a website, book, artificial sweetener, etc., F*ck Feelings is an apolitical entity; our only intention is give our readers solid, pragmatic, humorous advice for dealing with life’s most difficult problems. If readers find that our advice supports a specific political ideology, or their sincere belief in the existence of lizard people, or matches up perfectly with “The Wizard of Oz,” then that’s their interpretation, and they’re welcome to it, but it’s entirely unintentional. The only wrong way to interpret F*ck Feelings is an an excuse for or as encouragement to exact harm on others or yourself.

* You seem to reference 12 step stuff frequently. Why?
The Serenity Prayer, which insists that you should always give first priority to identifying and accepting what you can’t control before deciding what to do next, is a useful way of approaching many of life’s seemingly insurmountable problems. If you don’t learn to move beyond what you can’t control about a problem, be it an addiction or a difficult relationship, your wishes and expectations become dangerous. Although this prayer is most often used by people in recovery from addiction, the principle of confronting your limitations prior to setting your goals is essential for all constructive problem-solving.

     Website Info:

* If one of you is a real doctor, why were you writing under a fake name? Why do you still do it sometimes?
The Bennetts used to write as Dr. Lastname in order to protect both Dr. Bennett and his patients from unnecessary scrutiny. Then, once the site began to attract positive attention, they felt it would be appropriate to reveal their identities and publish a book under their own names. For the sake of simplicity/continuity, however, they still usually refer to themselves on this site as Dr. Lastname.

* How often are updates, and how do I submit?
When not in book promotion mode, we aim to update twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays, with responses to problems submitted by readers.  Please read the Submission Guidelines page for full submission information.

* I wrote in with a problem, so why haven’t you written about it yet? Will you email me when it’s going to happen?
Unfortunately, there are times when Dr. Lastname simply can’t keep up with the submissions, and, while we regret the delay, we assure you that every submission we receive (that follows our guidelines) will be addressed in the order it was received. The only way to know when we’re responding to your submission is by checking the site on Monday and Thursday.

* I wrote in [for some other reason], so why haven’t you written about it yet? Or written me back personally?
We only respond to requests for advice that follow the Submission Guidelines, and only do so via the website. We do not correspond with readers via email, period, mostly to avoid possibly running afoul of strict medical licensing laws (see also: above question about making an appointment with Dr. Bennett for treatment).

* Why do none of your posts allow pings or comments? Do you just hate feedback?
Public comments–especially public criticism of patients–could create a hostile environment for those who seek help with their problems. As such, Dr. Lastname has no problem with feedback; if you do have comments, the site’s form is the preferred method of communication, but be aware that, as stated above, we only respond to requests for advice (that follow the Submission Guidelines), and only do so via the website.

Book Info:

* How can I get a book? If I email you, can you send me one?
We have links to several online booksellers on the right side of the page, so just click on the icon of the seller of your choice. You can also find the book at your local independent bookstore. The Bennetts themselves do not distribute books, so any emails requesting books are deleted.

* Can I interview you for my website/magazine/podcast/mail order zine/book report/etc.?
Unfortunately, we cannot personally handle press requests— any that are submitted via this website are immediately forwarded to someone at our publisher, to be handled at his/her discretion.

* Is the book available in any languages other than English?
As of September 2015, there are currently plans in the works for editions of F*ck Feelings in German, Italian, Russian, and Mandarin.


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